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Decades of excellence in the English-Japanese translation industry.  Fields of expertise include:

·         Electrical Engineering/Computer/IT: Semiconductor, software/hardware, networking, etc.

·         Life science: Biochemical lab testing and interpretation, tissue engineering, microorganism identification, centrifuge device/application, etc.

·         Medical: IFUs for catheters, introducer/guidewire systems, respiratory devices, etc.

·         Pharmaceutical: Product description prepared for doctors and other healthcare professionals as well as medication guidebooks for patients

·         Law: Antitrust, intellectual property, patent, real estate, international law, family law, etc.

·         Marketing: Market research, advertisements, sales/marketing copies, etc.

·         Finance/Accounting: Corporate financial and accounting statements

·         General business: Business proposals, company brochures, safety instructions for hazardous materials, textbooks and reference materials designed for professional workshops, and more

·         And, don't forget... Sports: Baseball, American football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, rugby and tennis. Yes, we speak sports language too.

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