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Renting a Porta Potty during Winter 

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This year, winter events might be socially distant due to the pandemic. However, people will still have to use the restroom at your event even if you’ve got a small guest. 


You will have to rent a porta potty if your event does not have available restrooms and you live in a cold region. This will help you guarantee your guests will stay comfortable.  

Of course, there are things you should consider when you plan to rent a portable toilet during winter. We are here to help.  

We’re going to share with you some tips for keeping your porta potty rental in Amarillo warm during the cold months. 

Cover Your Portable Toilet from the Wind 

A sudden gust of cold wind can be a nightmare for people inside the porta potty. Aside from producing a sudden drop in temperature, cold air will also remove any warm air inside the portable toilet. With this, your porta potty will stay cold during the entire event.  

With the help of specific positioning, you can protect your unit from the cold wind. A couple of ideal areas to install your portable toilets include: 

  • Behind a construction dumpster at a work site 
  • Against a wall 
  • Indoors 

These areas have walls that can block out the cold wind.  

Make the Toilet Accessible in any Weather Conditions 

Clumps of wet grass and mud can produce slip hazards and mess inside the porta potties. That’s why it is ideal to install the toilet in an accessible area away from wet lawns. This will help you lower event liabilities and excess maintenance, aside from keeping your toilets from getting dirty.  

Placing the portable toilet on concrete surfaces is what a professional would recommend. This can include a warehouse, a nearby garage, or parking lots. This enables you to preserve the toilet’s integrity. In addition to that, it also offers you the chance to keep your restroom a bit less exposed to the elements.  

Install it in the Sun 

Even during the cold months, the sun can still shine. You can always ask the owner of the venue about the best place to install the portable restroom if you know your outdoor event will be held during winter.  

You need to install the portable restroom in the sunniest area at your event. This will help keep the toilets warmer when your guests need to use them 

Include a Portable Heater 

The cold might often be a bit too much to avoid. As the host of the event, you need to look for a way to offer some additional warmth and comfort for your guests. 

While it needs some additional investment, a portable and small heater can easily keep your porta potty warm during the event. The greatest part about affordable heaters is that a couple of them do not need an outlet. Thus, you will not have to look for an extension cord for it to run. 

Professionals suggest turning the heater off a bit once the portable toilet has reached an optimal temperature. This will guarantee that your portable heater does not overwork.  

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